Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Am I who you think I am?

Although I've grown up, I will always be an impressionable child to certain people in my life. It happens to you too, I bet...that is, if you're as old as I am. To be fair, there will always be people in my life that I consider my learned elders and I try not to embarass them too much.<br>
These people have already seen me fall short of expectations. So, rationally thinking, there is no reason for me to be any less than myself...to speak my mind openly. But I don't. That lingering childhood notion of being who they want you to be, has never been fully exorsized from my psyche.<br>
Posting across the web presents you with diverse audience, precisely everyone! I feel the the standards of my work are still , consciously or subconsciously, defined by the those I'd least like to offend. This is fine. Actually I think it's advisable.<br>
But I'm trying to increase my voice on the Web.<br>
My solution?
Create an online identidy.

I want him to be polarizing...you'll either hate him or love him. Maybe I'll make a few characters. Then I can play up his/her dominant personality trait, i.e. Republican, atheist, conspiracy theorists. Or maybe a guy who thinks that America can be saved by gardening and yoga.

Still thinking of names and characteristics--I may let some of you know in time.

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