Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet the new pornographers...same as the old pornographers

The most important thing gained from experience is confidence.
The most important thing that can be gained is confidence.

Experience costs no money.

The value of what's gained has no price.

English words are tremendously dynamic, don't you think? I was writing some English words the other day. This particular piece of prose continually referred to the "uninformed." The word caught my eye as my fingers danced on toward my next piece of brilliance. I typed the word again...and again in the next sentence. Every time I saw it with no more than a glance, I did not see "uninformed;" I saw "uniformed." I mentioned this to my preferred social network (The quote was, "If you are 'uniformed,' you're really close to 'uninformed.'). Almost instantly, one of my favorite 'friends'/political debaters, and former band director, Mr. P, jumped on my gaffe. And let me exit gracefully, pleading ignorance.

I was simply giggling at the absurdity of the language that allows two words, with such completely different meanings, to have nearly identical spellings.

I think it's tremendously uncooth that one painting can have a worth that is priceless, yet another painting has a price that's worthless.

There's a run-down factory near us that was once...and actually maybe still is...maybe...a chief manufacturer of American dungarees and other old-sounding pants. Anyway, this factory has a big sign out in front that can only be described as 'retro'...because it's SO old. And that sign's red letters read: "Devil Dog."

Every time I drive by, I see the letters in reverse..."goD liveD."

Yes God Lived!! And it's right there on top of that creepy, old factory! I seem to be the only one who thinks this means something.

Band of the Moment:
"The New Pornographers"---the name threw me off at first. But these cats know how to rock! You definitely should check them out.

Jimmy Swaggert apparently once referred to Rock-n-Roll as the "new pornography." Common belief is that this band proudly accepted Mr. Swaggert's interpretation...


  1. You're jealous of my sceptor, no doubt. Correctly guess where that sceptor normally resides...and you will get to see, first hand, the power that a sceptor yields over the huddled playground...

  2. I'm told by someone in my household that Devil Dogs is what Marines were called by the Germans during WWI. The Marines fought with such ferocity that they were compared to "Dogs from Hell." So one might ask, what do WWI marines have to do with a dungaree factory??