Wednesday, November 3, 2010

These Things I Believe...or did a few years ago

This was sort of a creed I created as the foundation of my new, but imcomplete religion. I have handed this to the relig-oo's that knock on my door. And I ask them, "Have you found the answers you seek?" I should have handed them out at our local polling, election-type place.

I think I’m only wasting time…but is anything really wasted if there is an infinite supply?

I have all the time the world has to offer.

And if the world ends tomorrow…time goes on…and on

I don’t think I’ll regret all that “wasted time” when the world blows up…I’ll be busy ceasing to be.

Worrying about your wasted time is, after all, worrying about your own mortality.
Don’t do it…

If you’re focused on your death, you’ll forget to notice your life.

Why remind yourself, constantly, that you will, one day, die?

I…we…must lower the premium on time…it ain’t that precious…it’s infinite.  The human mind must evolve to the next level of awareness…a universal one.
Throughout time, humans reached different levels of awareness…oh, there is land on the other side of the ocean…the Earth isn’t flat, you say…The Earth is not the center of the universe…we can travel off of the Earth!!!???  All of these truths changed human awareness.  Primitive man could not even fathom more than he could see.  Try explaining how we made it to the moon to King Arthur’s Court…You cannot see the next evolutionary level when you’re below it…but it seems quite ordinary once you’re beyond.  Our collective intellect has grown so rapidly over the last 200 years, we’re becoming arrogant.  We know it all.

The wisest man or woman knows that s/he knows nothing…the most advanced notion Socrates ever had…and here we are, at the peak of civilized life…and we’re in danger of ruining it all…life, that is…because we think that we know it all.

We must accept that there is a reason for life.  We may never see it in our Earthly days…it may be part of a much larger process---impossible to ascertain from our vantage or knowledge.  But we must trust in this evolution…for it is inevitable.

Our reason for life is to evolve…everything is part of a process.

You want to cook some yummy chicken…first, marinate that bird over night, right?  You have to let the juice do its job.

Time is the marinade and we are chicken…I mean, the chicken.

This, of course, is just a literary device…a tangible example…the purpose of life is to evolve as a species…the purpose of that is intangible and unimaginable.  Just believe it is there

If we could see the reason why our species evolves as it does…then our purpose of evolution would be complete…its obviously not…so we continue to evolve…whether you worry about wasted time or not…we still evolve…whether or not you’re rich or beautiful or powerful or virtuous or evil or religious…time goes on, humans evolve.

Since there has been human, s/he has sought reproduction and survival...every human everywhere…if we reproduce, and survive long enough to teach our young---we evolve---it is the only thing that EVERY generation of human being has successfully done.
Sure, some people die early…and some people don’t want kids…and war, pestilence, and other maladies have forced high mortality rates and lost generations. But there was always a next generation---SUCCESS!!  We evolve.  If that’s what we do, is it not our purpose?

Believe it…and stop worrying about time...wasted time…time left on Earth

Worrying is the only true waste of time, or our lives.

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  1. I don't understand the first couples lines, but I like the overall message. It is our keen ability to pass on knowledge gained in our lifetime to the next generations that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Other species can do it to some degree, but not with the clarity that our use of language allows